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Real Human       Real Human        Multi-lingual Text      Voice Data      Annotated Images   Annotated Voice   Annotated Videos   Multi-lingual Voice   Multi-lingual Text  for your AI Project

Connecting dots to shape the new age of artificial intelligence


Finding the right DNA for your next Artificial intelligence solutions

EKITAI enables mission-critical Machine Learning projects for leading technology clients with its bespoke high-quality real-human generated training data in your choice of medium, environments, and languages. We’re more than a data support services provider. We leverage our expertise and fluid intelligence approach to reduce the turnaround time resulting in cost savings and greater efficiency.

We aim to provide multilingual data support solutions, enabling seamless interference between machines and people as data Science and intelligence to focus on people above all else 

At Ekitai, we’re driven to do more of today to inspire tomorrow.

We’re your partner from the first value, which is Human. Yes, the future is shifting towards artificial intelligence, but have you ever asked who is doing all these? HUMAN. We help clients journey from human to AI using a humanly generated speech, text or image data set to train machines for tomorrow.

Let us inspire, engage & evolve you and your organization with data sets to build tomorrow.

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What we Do?


What we Do?


What we Do?


What we Do?